Api for talos reputation (previous senderbase.org), senderscore, reputation authority and blacklists.

Updated with a swagger docs page here http://emailstuff.io/api-docs/

So with the senderbase rdns lookup discontinued i needed a way to check it by code.  Earlier i wrote a post about how to query it with c# and HttpClient that was not a very solid solution. So i created emailstuff.io a api for checking, senderbase (now talos reputation), senderscore, reputation authority and some blacklists.

For now it is not documented and a lot of features missing but it will be updated frequently next couple of weeks. Please add feature requests in the comments.

For now you can use these endpoints:

http://emailstuff.io/api/senderbase/[ipaddress]  returns Bad, Neutral or Good
http://emailstuff.io/api/senderscore/[ipaddress] returns an int. -9999 = no data
http://emailstuff.io/api/reputationauthority/[ipaddress] returns an int. -9999 = no data
http://emailstuff.io/api/blacklist/[ipaddress] returns an object with the following information:

http://emailstuff.io/api/emailinfo/[emailaddress] returns an object with the following information:

These are subject to change both the endpoints and the data returned. But i will keep you posted on the blog and soon there will be a docs page for the API.


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4 thoughts on “Api for talos reputation (previous senderbase.org), senderscore, reputation authority and blacklists.

  1. Hi!
    Great Job but how are you querying now, especially for the senderscore?
    What is the expected range of results as far as -10 to 10 from SBRS is concerned. I get numbers like 8 or 90 when I query with your api.

    1. Do you mean how i query the senderbase? Because you mention -10 to 10 and that is senderbase (now talos) i’m right now using their web api endpoint (unofficial and not documented) which are returning Bad, Neutral and Good directly so you don’t need to translate the -10 to 10 yourself.

      The senderscore is a simple reverse dns lookup read more here: https://www.dattaproffs.se/2017/02/22/check-your-ips-senderscore-from-the-commandline/

    1. Thanks. For now is just syntax validation (if you are referring to the valid response?) and then i check if the domain has any mx-records if it doesn’t no need to send there. The disposable checks if the domain is a disposable email service, if true you can’t count on anyone receiving your email.

      I will start adding more validation, like if the smtp answers and that the email actually exists on the server.

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