depricating current version of emailstuff api

Right now we have a free api emailstuff (see previous post) for looking up talos reputation (former senderbase), senderscore, reputation authority and blacklists. This api have been used a lot by people and companies and that’s really cool to see. What’s not so cool to see is that the users (often big companies with a lot of ips) that uses the api on a daily basis just hammer it like crazy and not folowing the rate limits. So that makes us take action, either we need to start charging a lot of money (wich we do not wan’t) so we decided to take another path.

We are going to depricate the current api and will be releasing a new one in a few weeks. The new api will be fast and i mean really fast. We are right now looking at lookup for 30 blacklists, senderbase, senderscore, reputation authority in under 100ms.

But that’s not all, we will include cyren lookups in the results also, as far as i know we will be the only api supporting this, isn’t that amazing (tv-shop i know)

So if you are interested in continuing using this service you need to send an email to emailstuff[at] and we will get you up and running.

The current api will be closed 31/7/2018.

Best regards
Fredrik Berggren


Api for talos reputation (previous, senderscore, reputation authority and blacklists.

Updated with a swagger docs page here

So with the senderbase rdns lookup discontinued i needed a way to check it by code.  Earlier i wrote a post about how to query it with c# and HttpClient that was not a very solid solution. So i created a api for checking, senderbase (now talos reputation), senderscore, reputation authority and some blacklists.

For now it is not documented and a lot of features missing but it will be updated frequently next couple of weeks. Please add feature requests in the comments.

For now you can use these endpoints:[ipaddress]  returns Bad, Neutral or Good[ipaddress] returns an int. -9999 = no data[ipaddress] returns an int. -9999 = no data[ipaddress] returns an object with the following information:[emailaddress] returns an object with the following information:

These are subject to change both the endpoints and the data returned. But i will keep you posted on the blog and soon there will be a docs page for the API.



Check your IPs senderscore from the commandline

So you  have heard about senderscore but you think it’s tedious work to go to the website and log in and/or verifying the captcha..

Don’t worry you can the same way as checking dns blacklists (DNSBL) you can check your score from the command line.

Just reverse your IP and do a dns lookup, like this:

Unlike the DNSBL lookup where you where listed if you got a response the score is part of the Address response. So in the exemple above my score is 99.

You take the last part of the response address and that is your score. When you get Non-existent domain as an answer your IP hasn’t sent out enough email for senderscore to do a measure.

This can be done with dig exactly the same way as done in this post about DNSBL

This is updated twice a day at ~12:00 GMT and ~22:00 GMT so no need to look more than once after these times.